Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Boys Are Back? **Huge Smile**

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12/12/05 - Yes, we've heard. No, nothing official.
We don't normally post rumors here, but are putting this here in part to stop the deluge of ""Oh, my god - have you heard?" emails. :)
Phish has registered a new domain (as of 11/29/05),, with JEMP presumably standing for Jon Ernest Mike Page. It isn't clear whether this is a new label, a new company, or just a site to promo the MSG 12/31/95 release.

The rumor part (as discussed on PT and ohkeepa) is that "Dionysian Productions and JEMP" has purportedly reserved MSG for 10/28/06 and 10/29, and the Philly Spectrum for 10/31/06. Further rumors contend word of a summer 2006 tour. But there is no official confirmation of any of this show news, and at least one source denies that such events are being planned - though does not deny the possiblity of a reunion. As indicated by Trey in recent interviews (that he is "not ruling out playing with Mike, Page and Fish") and in informal conversations (that they are "working on logistics of a Phish comeback") suggest that a reunion is inevitable, though perhaps not imminent.


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