Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things: 1 of 365

Blog. Blog, blog, blog. I always have good intentions to write on a regular basis and then ... well, it never goes anywhere. I've decided to do Schmutzie's "Grace in Small Things" and see if that doesn't get me writing regularly. I can write 5 things per day, right? Right. And maybe then I will want to start writing more than 5 things per day. Hopefully. I guess we'll find out!

Grace in Small Things - Day 1 of 365:
  1. My new, shiny, red laptop that finally arrived!
  2. LOST is back.
  3. Not having to drive to Rolling Meadows for jury duty.
  4. The colorful office potluck lunch today - so many yummy foods!
  5. These shoes.



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