Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So. Guess what. I’m moving to Chicago. Yup. The windy city. From one end of Lake Michigan to the other. This is a serious departure from where I am currently spending my time. Like a complete 180.
Population of Grand Traverse County, MI: 83,971
Population of the city of Chicago, IL: 2.9 million
Do you see that? Over thirty-four times more people live in Chicago than live in my entire county. Thirty-four. And so yes, I am sad to be leaving this beautiful area and all of the friends I have made here. Also, packing & moving - that really kind of sucks. There are never enough boxes to pack stuff in. (Except when you are actually moving said boxes. Then there are always too many boxes.) But, I am excited for this new adventure. And guess who else lives in Chicago – none other than one of my most favorite people in the world – my sister. And living in the same city as her again makes me very happy. She will also be able to help her country mouse sister adjust to the craziness of THE CITY because as excited as I am, I’m nervous to live in THE CITY. Were you aware that THE CITY is big? BIG. I fear I will be lost. Often. But, THE CITY also has Restaurants! Oh the restaurants. And by restaurants I mean Indian food. Oh yummy, yummy Indian food. CURRY! (Mexican is about as wild & crazy as it gets in Traverse City.) You know what else THE CITY has? Concerts! I know. (Although there is this little place called The Interlochen Center for the Arts up here where I have had the pleasure of seeing Bela Fleck & the Flecktones and also Jewel, alumni of the school, who did this really fun acoustic show/storytelling which I totally dug.) But, anyways THE CITY also has Public Transportation! Culture! And Every Single Store you can think of! And I’m sure many other things. But, these are the things that I am currently excited about.
So, yes. There are big changes going on here. Does anyone want to buy a beautiful, three bedroom ranch house with a newly re-done bathroom in lovely northern Michigan?


Anonymous Shanna said...

Bye-Bye Carley. Promise to keep in touch, pinky swear? Good.

Travel safe this weekend and good luck.

12/01/2006 1:55 PM  

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