Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Boys Are Back? **Huge Smile**

Taken from

12/12/05 - Yes, we've heard. No, nothing official.
We don't normally post rumors here, but are putting this here in part to stop the deluge of ""Oh, my god - have you heard?" emails. :)
Phish has registered a new domain (as of 11/29/05),, with JEMP presumably standing for Jon Ernest Mike Page. It isn't clear whether this is a new label, a new company, or just a site to promo the MSG 12/31/95 release.

The rumor part (as discussed on PT and ohkeepa) is that "Dionysian Productions and JEMP" has purportedly reserved MSG for 10/28/06 and 10/29, and the Philly Spectrum for 10/31/06. Further rumors contend word of a summer 2006 tour. But there is no official confirmation of any of this show news, and at least one source denies that such events are being planned - though does not deny the possiblity of a reunion. As indicated by Trey in recent interviews (that he is "not ruling out playing with Mike, Page and Fish") and in informal conversations (that they are "working on logistics of a Phish comeback") suggest that a reunion is inevitable, though perhaps not imminent.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How many wishes would it take?

Josh: How many wishes would it take for you to use one of them so that the cat's could speak English?

Me: Two

Josh: That's it?

Me: Sure, my first wish would be for enternal happiness & peace for everyone in the world. My second wish would be for the cats to speak English. But, not just our cats, all cats. Then when you're walking down the street and you see an alley cat you can be all "Hey, what's up alley cat" and the alley cat would be all "Up yours!" (because alley cats are like that.)

Friday, December 9, 2005

Word of the Day

And now courtesy of my friend Jolie whom I recently heard this from for the first time (she doesn't have a blog, so I can't link to it. But, she should start a blog because all of the cool kids are doing it) I present the word of the day:

Chillax: a fusion of "chill out" & "relax"
Example: She is so uptight. She just needs to chillax.

So, happy Friday to everyone and welcome to the weekend - it's time to chillax.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

I'm baaack!

Did you miss me? No? Well, fine, be that way!
But, seriously - I've been really swamped at work and I have not had much time to write. Why didn't I just write from home you ask? Wait for it - I don't have a computer at home. There I said it. Yes, I do realize this is the 21st century and all. I will let you in on one of my other dirty little secrets - I just got a cellphone 4 months ago. Yeah, I know me & your grandma were like the only two people left in the USA without one. What? Your grandma got one two years ago? Ok, fine I am slow with the whole technology thing. There - now you know. Don't judge me.

Thanksgiving was great - I got to see my grandparents who I hadn't seen in forever (my grandma made a whole apple pie just for me! I was going to eat the whole thing myself because yum! my grandma's apple pie is my absolute favorite, but I decided to be nice & shared it with Josh. And by 'decided to be nice' I mean my waistline would curse me if I ate a whole pie by myself and I thought it best not to make it mad at me. Particularly with more yummy holiday treats in my future.) My mom & my sister & I went to see the new Harry Potter movie which was GOOD. (What's with all the talk that Harry is so hot in this new movie? I mean, he's Harry. I just can't see it. Do you?)

And with Thanksgiving come & gone, the countdown to Ski Vacation: Vermont has begun!!! Josh & I are going to Vermont skiing with some friends over Christmas. Which? Yeah! So excited. And also? So NERVOUS. I have only skiied here in Michigan which has hills. Vermont has mountains. You see the difference right? Mountains. But, everyone has reassured me that it will be no big deal - they have easier runs & instead of spending all of my time on the chair lift a la Michigan, I will spend my time actually skiing. So, yeah! Totally excited! So excited in fact I had to buy myself a new ski coat (it's the pink one.) (Which? It's actually a snowboarding coat. Snowboarding gear is so much cooler than ski gear. And I wish that I could snowboard because it seems so much more bad-ass. But, me & snowboarding? Not so much. That is a story for another time, but let's just say Josh tried to teach me & my butt spent more time on the ground. And a cold, wet bum is no fun.) Oh and I had to buy some new goggles, too. And a new hat. And there are these really cool socks that I might have to get . . .